by day

“BUENO” invites you to family friendly, fast
lunch with a smile; tacos & burritos made to order
with the very freshest of ingredients.



You’ll soon get to know Mike – the “frontman” of the duo. An Andover native, Mike’s the guy taking the orders, telling the jokes, and generally making people smile. If he can’t make it right, it probably didn’t need to be fixed in the first place. And if he isn’t wearing a signature taco shirt, his washing machine must be busted. Customer Service is his middle name. We swear. It’s on his birth certificate.



You might not see Franco, but then again, you might not care. His food is that good. He’s the man behind the best fish taco you’ll ever know. You’ll want to send love letters to his marinated chicken…bathe in his shrimp ceviche and bribe sweet little Mom and ‘Abuelita’ for those salsa recipes. Frank’s no joke, though. He runs a kitchen like nobody’s business. Don’t even think of asking what’s in his top secret Baja Sauce…You will regret it.

by night

“MALO” beckons you to date night,
& gathering with friends. Dine on sharing plates,
toast with libations, and get cozy.

have a party

BuenoMalo’s signature tacos are now
available for catering. Choose pick-up,
delivery, or on-site BBQ to enjoy our
award-winning tacos at your next event. Our
build-your-own taco bar comes with all the
fixins’ necessary to enjoy our secret recipes
off-site. Choose from one of the following
packages, or drop us an email to customize
something especially for you. Bring a taste
of Southern California to your backyard!